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TALES FROM THE LAKEVIEW by Robert S. Grant – Now shipping!

The limited edition Aviation History Series – Book 1

Tales from the Lakeview book cover
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• 192 pages

• 32 chapters; 50,000 words

• 6 x 8-inch landscape format

• 67 rare photos; 56 in colour

• Full colour throughout

• Gloss paper stock

Extra strong notch binding

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ISBN 978-0-9684688-1-4

THIS CAPTIVATING COLLECTION of aviation short stories (non-fiction) by Robert S. Grant offers the reader an intimate view inside the world of Canadian wilderness flying, along with vignettes from his own 45-year career as a commercial pilot.

The famous Lakeview Restaurant in Red Lake, Ontario, pilot hangout and off-duty gathering place since 1932, becomes the departure point for the author’s tribute to the people and aircraft that helped develop and continue to service Canada’s diverse regions.

Many of the “Tales” published during the last 14 years in Aviation Quarterly, Aviation Canada and Canadian Aviator magazines are finally gathered together in one attractive book. More than 20 working airplane types–including Canadian classics such as the de Havilland Beaver, Otter and Twin Otterare profiled from the early beginnings of Canadian commercial aviation in the 1930s through to recent times.

Widely respected for his accessible, forthright writing style, Robert S. Grant has delivered another lively reading experience. Tales from the Lakeview is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for anyone interested in aviation and the operators who have made it all possible.

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Since he was a boy, Bob Grant has been nuts about aviation, so he and I hit it off when we were getting started. Bob went into the bush and pretty well stayed there, flying whatever they’d trust him with–Cessnas, Founds, Pipers, then moving slowly up to the big leagues–to the MU-2 “Rice Rocket” and DC-3. Finally, Bob got a real job–the Ministry of Natural Resources hired him and he was in heaven with everything from the Turbo Beaver to the CL-215.

Bob had a real knack turning his bush flying experiences into some of the best stories. Everyone to this day enjoys them, especially his Red Lake yarns that always seem to feature something about “the Lakeview”, where local aviators and other n’er-do-wells seem to hang out and where Bob himself is always known (and proudly so, it seems) as the cheapest tipper.

Well, here is Bob’s latest book, just an excellent collection of his best stories. Great coverage of pilots, air engineers and the classic bushplanes of the Canadian backcountry…. Tales from the Lakeview is a mini-treasure chest of a book for anyone who enjoys this great topic.

Larry Milberry

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