3 OTU Canadair T-33s

Refuelling a 424 Squadron Mustang for night flying at Mount Hope, Ontario, circa 1953. (DND)

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For sale!

Just found these two items in storage …

1. The first one is the John Matthews original airbrush artwork (not a reproduction or colour print) that appeared in our 1980s book, Sting of the Hornet. This a a 425 Squadron aircraft. Size of metal framed, matted art is 32 inches x 16 inches.

2. The second item is a metal framed, grey matted, large-format black & white photo of Avro Arrow RL-201, personally signed by famous test pilot, Jan Zurakowski. Size is 21 inches x 17 inches.

Both to be sold separately or together. Best offer of $400 or more will be accepted to sell both together. View both collectibles on the CanAero Facebook page.